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Cristian Varela / Resident DJ

Cristian Varela celebrates 25 years of his career. Cristian plays a very important roll in the history of electronic music in Spain, being an indispensable part in the construction of the national industry of dance music and one of Spain’s pioneer international artists. The artist from Madrid writes in first person some of the most significant pages of this evolution, becoming a pioneer in diverse aspects, which today make up the roadmap of this profession. These aspects were the first Live sets, 4 turntable set ups, major events and festivals and the creation of a Techno label with a huge international repercussion. His advanced vision turned him into one of the main leaders of the professionalization of the Spanish scene. Pornographic Recordings, Phrenetic Society, Electrosonic Festival and Manita are just a few examples of his innovative proposals and creations.

Throughout these 25 years, Cristian Varela has been awarded with more than 40 prizes by the main media of the music industry. In Spain he treasures dozens of awards designating him as best DJ of the country. He also received at the International DJ Awards, Best Techno DJ in 2007 and 2013, the only Spanish artist to receive these honours, naming him the ambassador of Spanish Techno, an artist who shines his own light in every corner of the planet.


Madrid!! Siempre es un placer tocar en mi casa . Muchas gracias FABRIK #LaResistencia 🖤🙏 #Remember

Geplaatst door Cristian Varela op Dinsdag 19 maart 2019